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Building a Buick LeSabre T-Type Spoiler

 A donor factory LeSabre T-Type spoiler and trunk lid are being used to recreate the rear spoiler. The donor spoiler was warped, rusted and had to be repaired and straightened before it could be used to make the mold for casting new, correct spoilers. The owner of the company building the mold and making the spoilers did all of the repair and molding work. He decided he would make a three part mold that could be used to cast the spoilers using fiberglass or for injection molding using other materials. He also had to build a jig for correct placement of the mounting bar and studs.



Donor Factory Spoiler Mounted to T-Type Trunk Lid  -  Before Repair


Removing Rust From Mounting Plate



Donor Factory Spoiler Repaired



Bottom of Mold In Place  -  Working on Top Part of Three Part Mold



Completing Top Of Mold  -  Braces added to Prevent Warping



Top and bottom of Mold Completed, Factory Spoiler in the Mold -  Jig for Mounting Bar & Studs and Last Part of Three Part Mold



   Jig for Mounting Bar and Studs Completed

Five Layers of Fiberglass with Alluminum Mounts Built In


Top: Mold and Jig Completed   -   Bottom: Mold and Jig Dis-assembled



Mold and Jig Completed


Sanded to Remove Imperfections   -   Re-coated to Assure Mold is True, More Sanding



Left - Repair Work Completed   -   Right: Black Jel-Coat in the Mold



Left: Fibeglass Laid in   -   Right: Trimmed and Ready for Backing Plate with Studs



First Reproduced Spoiler

The spoiler reproduces all the the curves, key lock outline and under spoiler lines exactly and the top is straight and smooth. The original spoiler weighs just under eleven and one half pounds; the fiberglass unit weighs a little over five pounds. It looks like some trunk lid re-tensioning may be in order. Not the best pictures but here is the black reproduction spoiler next to a stock, slightly beat up white one:







Test Fitted to 1988 LeSabre T-Type



 To show how good it is, this is not even bolted on.....



First Run of Spoilers







The Finished Product Mounted to a LeSabre t-Type Trunk Lid



Fiberglass Spoilers Mounted on Members of www.LeSabreT.com's Cars


Brian Mc

One of the Cleanest LeSabre T-Types Around - and Supercharged Too


Nathaniel Gjr.

Nathaniel's Baby




Mounted on Alibi's Soon to be Painted T-Type



Super Clean, Original Owner 416,000 Mile Car - Yes, that is 416,000 Miles!



Repairing a Factory Rear Spoiler

The factory spoiler swells and warps because the metal mounting bar that is encased in the spoiler rusts, expands and causes the damage. Just as the donor spoiler had to be repaired to cast new ones, Greg (BuickNEWF from www.lesabret.com) repaired his factory spoiler. Greg replaced the mounting bar and studs with one custom fabricated of stainless steel. Be sure to visit his website pages and see and read about the repair work he did on the rear spoiler and all of the awesome work he is doing to his 1986 LeSabre Limited coupe. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2494425/1


Here are some pictures from Greg's website.....