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1986 LeSabre GN

Vista Vent Sunroof


Removal/Replacement of "Vista Vent" Sunroof Glass


1.      On the rear hinge/latch mechanism, look at the bottom, front side. You should see two "buttons", on either side. Push these BACK toward the rear of the car, and watch the sides of the latch. You'll see that the two pockets where the shiny pivot mechanism rides will open up toward the front of the latch mechanism.


2.      While holding these two buttons in, pull forward and then up on the part of the latch, which is attached to the glass. The shiny silver pivot linkage should pull forward of its catches and then slide up and out of the fixed part of the latch mechanism


3.      Now step out of the car.


4.      Lift up on the rear of the glass, and it should slide backwards out of the opening. At the front of the glass, where the two bolts/rivets are, there are two tangs which slide down into pockets in the front of the opening. You need to pull the glass far enough back (say 1 to 1.5") to clear these from their pockets, and the glass will then be free to lift out. It takes a little bit of experimenting with the right angle of lift versus pulling straight back to figure this out the first time, but once you've done it, you'll see the process and it'll be easier the next time.


Installation Is The Reverse


1.      Align the two tabs on the front edge of the glass with the slots ("insert tab A into slot B") and slide the glass forward until it is all the way forward. This takes a bit of up and down wiggling on the rear edge to snake the tabs into the slot...take it easy, as it isn't always trivial to get it aligned and in place, and you don't want to break the glass!


2.      Then get into the car.


3.      Pull the shiny silver pivot linkage out so it's pointing back and down at a 45 degree angle. Notice where it wants to slip into two slots in the fixed part of the latch? Now press the two release buttons and guide the linkage home, letting go of the buttons once you get it all the way home.